Our Approach

To be the change agents. For every candidate we have a vision; for every employer we have a vision. For both, we offer a transformative, transformational, personal experience like no other recruiting firm. We are hands-on, customer and candidate focused, inquisitive, competitive, exclusive. Approved and vetted, we offer access and attention like no one else. By placing a premium on long-term relationships over short-term gains, we seek out the potential in people and place them where they’ll thrive, grow, learn and lead, therefore, consistently adding value to companies via hires.

Our Services

Our services include

– Financial services recruitment
– Executive search
– Diversity hiring
– Data analytics
– Regulatory compliance

About Us

Columbia Technology is a connected and competitive vendor in the top-tier recruitment landscape, where championing both candidates and companies alike leads to a transformative working experience for all. We are here to match the best tech talent with the best fintech companies. We are here to bridge, build and better. The experience we offer is personal, the value proposition transformational, the results singular. At Columbia Technology, we know that changing the world starts with changing one world at a time – yours. Let’s go to work.

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